Sheerness Sea Angling Club 2015

Sheppey Venues  

Garrison Point Sheerness
Because of the shallow grounds and surf beaches Sheppey can always produce some superb Bass fishing no matter what your preferred tactics are.
At the Garrison at Sheerness (when the water is clear) if you fish tight or even climb on to the rocks you can have some great fun spinning for these aggressive feeders, frozen sand eel, sea bars and any form of plugs work well from June to September, you will also catch garfish at this venue.
If you prefer to fish from the beach, then anywhere from the edge of the rocks to the wall will produce Bass. From July until September you will also catch sole and eels from this mark, other species you can expect to catch are wrasse, flounders, pouting and rockling.
In the winter months you can also catch Bass along with codling, whiting and dogfish

The Catholic Church to the Jetty
These are two points between a small 400-yard shallow bay. In winter you will catch Bass, whiting and cod on the night tides and when the weather is rough, you will catch them on the day tides along with flounders and the odd sole.

The Coal Pier

This is located alongside the Sheppey Sailing Club; although the pier has long gone it still retains the name amongst the angling community.
This can be a very productive mark throughout the year depending on the weather conditions from spring to autumn you can catch eels, Bass, flounders, Sole, and Skate along with the odd mullet, in the winter this venue will yield catches of cod, whiting, dogfish and dabs.

The Blockhouse
This is opposite the ship on shore public house a very popular mark amongst the locals, in recent years there were sea defence work carried out at this venue, so when you fish here after dark it can become quite difficult to cross the rocks, the species that can be caught are codling, whiting, dabs, pouting, dogfish, Bass, flounders, sole and rockling over the winter, in the summer months you can catch skate, flounders, bass, eels, mullet, sole, dogfish and the odd smoothound.

Barton’s Point

This is one of the most well known angling marks on Sheppey, located between Sheerness and Minster, at this very popular and productive venue you will catch a variety of different species throughout the year.
In the winter months you will catch whiting, cod, dogfish, bass, sole, flounder, rockling, place and pouting.
In the summer months you will catch Bass, eels, skate, sole, flounders, place, garfish and the odd smooth hound

Bartons point to the Whitehouse
This is a venue the locals call the shingle bank it a great place to fish after dark, especially in the winter months her you will catch whiting, cod, dogfish, bass, sole, flounder, rockling, place, pouting.

Whitehouse to the Little Oyster car park (The Leas)
All the way through this venue you will catch flounders, bass, eels and the odd skate in the summer months, in the winter expect to catch cod, whiting, flounders, dabs, dogfish, sole, and pouting.

Little Oyster to the end of the New Sea Wall Minster
All the way through this venue you will catch flounders, bass, eels and skate in the summer months and the odd smoothound, in the winter expect to catch cod, whiting, flounders, dabs, dogfish, sole, and pouting.

The River Swale
Is one of the most productive marks for catching the flounders on Sheppey, from Crundels Wharf to the stumps you can expect to catch many of these species of fish from September through to April, throughout the summer month this venue is rarely fished but those who do usually catch eels and the odd mullet.

Kings Ferry Bridge
This fast watermark is ideal for bass fishing the best time to target these species is on the last of the ebb over the slack water and the first two hours of the flooding tide, this is also a great place for those anglers whom like to spin or fish with plugs.

The Salting's
From the  old Kings Ferry Bridge to the Elmley nature reserve, it can be a bit of a stroll but the results can be well worth it this is the place to catch the summer mullet that shoal up in the hundreds in the tributaries and over the shallow ground. Other species to be caught hear are flounders, eels and bass.

The Skate start to show early on in March, they always show at Eastchurch Gap first, then within a week or two they can be caught from Warden Point, the ramp at Warden and the green car park Leysdown.The best conditions to catch the skate always seem to be overcast with an onshore breeze.
The best baits are peeler crab, squid and fishbates. By mid May they start to venture offshore to feed on the small fish that shoal up at these venues, you will catch the odd one here and there but usually the eels are on your bait long before any of the skate have chance to.
A word of caution though, at Eastchurch Gap the trawlers some times drop there nets very close to the shore this can vastly affect your catch rate at this venue.
At the other mentioned venues though, the ground is too shallow for the trawlers to work their nets.

If you want to target the hard fighting
Eastchurch gap is the place to try for these species from mid May until July, once the skate run finishes the trawlers seem to leave this ground alone, the weather conditions vastly affect your catch rate of these species, avoid hot calm and still conditions, all of the best recorded catches have been when the weather is mild but overcast with low pressure on the barometer, they are often caught on the first of the flooding tide but the best catches have come from between 1 hour to 3 hours into the ebb. The preferred bait for these spices is crab, fish and squid baits

The venues to try are Warden Point and the Boom at Minster the preferred bait for these species is crab, fish and squid baits. From July until early September these species can be caught no mater what the weather conditions, they always seem to be caught by the anglers that can cast 80 yards plus.
All of the above mentioned venues are superb marks if you like to fish for the Eels and Bass.