Sheerness Sea Angling Club 2015

Sheerness Steel Sea Angling Club

The club held its AGM on Sunday the 4th of January at the Ship on Shore, it was well attended by club members.

The committee stood en bloc and was voted back in.

There was only 1 proposal which was from the committee.

They proposed that the club should break all ties with Sheerness Steel and rename the club

Sheerness Sea Angling Club. Also that the club ends life membership and does away with the yearly active member subs. The club would then charge £10 a year membership, all monies recouped would go towards the Christmas fare.

Yearly membership would end at the second match of the year at Walmer on February 14th, after that membership will be closed until the following year.

All match day pay outs to remain the same.

Juniors will be free for the 2015 season as the club has sponsorship from Rule & Rule Estates via Mark Cross. They will still have to activate their membership by the February match.

A vote was taken and a unanimous decision for the proposal was reached.

So to sum up, Sheerness Steel Sea Angling Club no longer exists, if you wish to join the new club see below.

Membership for the year can be obtained at anytime before the Walmer match.

You can pay Mick at Island Bait & Tackle, please leave name, telephone number and email address, or our first match is at Queenborough Wall on Saturday 24th January with booking in at 12:15-12:30, fishing times 13:30-17:30. The other option is to join at the Walmer match, booking in at the Castle car park 14:15-14:30, fishing 15:30-20:30.

You do not have to fish the matches but you can still join at either.

The Kent Classic even though run by the club is separate entity. We will retain the name Sheerness Steel Kent Classic and British All comers Championship as it is part of the competitions heritage.

For any more info feel free to pm me


Island Bait & Tackle shop is now closed.

Club Member’s who wish to order bait for the first club match should contact Mick Yates on his Mobile.